We're 6 Weeks Old!

Life through the eyes chicken:

"Look at our feathers! We're getting them in our heads now. We are finally coming out of the "ugly" stage and looking like real chickens. Our personalities are blooming daily. We really like to gather around our human family when they come out and get some attention from them. "

Funny birds. :)

Next is the famous "Benny" the chicken. We used to be able to tell her apart from the other chicks by the light socket design she had on her back. Now the feathers are coming in, we can only tell it's her by her tiny tail feathers. She barely has one. Although her personality shows up immediately. She's loved to sit on our laps since day one, so needless to say getting affection is important to Benny. She is FINALLY getting along with the others. The few weeks of isolation has made her rethink her role as aggressor within the flock. She now happily runs with the rest without pecking them in the face or grabbing their feet. We love the peace. :)

Check out the coop we built. I know, it lacks luster now, but I plan on sprucing it up to be more homey. Can't have a boring coop for these fine ladies. More updates later... (at least when the temps her drop below 100 degrees)

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