Morning Garden Buzz

To look at our lawn now, its hard to find good green grass. With no rain to speak of for nearly a month our lawn in suffering. The only true green grass is around our septic sprinklers. Which I will have to talk later about some interesting analogies I have about that. :)

Anyhoo, the purple hyacinth vine is wonderful. I love its purple veined foliage. It has remained beautiful in spite of the infrequent waterings. We don't tend to hang out there much since wasps have made a home there. I haven't wanted to spray much because of my birdies. I don't want them poisoned PLUS the wasps have helped with the spider population. I don't mind spiders, but everything needs a balance. The wasps aren't too aggressive, so they're ok for me.

I love Morning Glories. :) Yes, they are aggressive, but you just can't beat the beautiful shade of blue! I have plenty of plants to share in the spring too. HeeHee. Last year they bloomed profusely, but this year has been a light show so far. I think the late freeze and current dry conditions have played a role in it.

Look at my bumblebee! Not too good of a picture though. It just wouldn't hold still long enough for a good shot. It LOVES the upright verbena in our yard. I have been amazed at what a wonderful plant this is. I was blessed by a friend who passed this amazing plant on to me. I've seen more honeybees this year and they love this plant too. I love my bees. :)


  1. The morning glory is great. It is natural for grass to go dormant during heat stress. It will come back when the rain returns so no need to worry.

  2. Love the blue Morning Glory!I have have planted one this year for the first time and it has no blooms. Do they need full sun to bloom?


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