Chicken Town

Wow, things are really changing here. The original group of chicks we bought are now 15 weeks old. We hopefully will start seeing eggs in the next 5-10 weeks. Seems like a long time, but really the time so far has flown by. The girls are now eating nearly any and everything they can and their voices have changed to really deep. Funny thing, we had named a few of them and now we can't find them in the crowd! They've all changed so much in appearance and behavior. There is one of the brown ones we call, "Penelope". She is the loudest one and from what we can tell is at the top of the pecking order in the group. Nothing gets past her!

The black and gold chicken really stands out though. Her name is "Goldie" and she is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. She's a bit stand-offish. Not mean or anything, she just doesn't come up to you like the others wanting to be petted. She's sweet to everyone and I think she's pretty low in the pecking order. The only ones lower are the new chicks. :)

See our newest chicks of the bunch? These are Barred Rocks. We've had them for a while and they are about 8 weeks old. I had wanted these chicks originally but everyone was out of them. I think they are beautiful and really friendly. Since we've moved them in with the rest of the brood about 2 weeks ago, they have nearly spent all of their time in the coop. That has been their territory- by force! The older ones hardly allow them outside. They're brave girls though and I laugh when the smallest of the group makes near suicide missions out into the chicken yard to get scraps. She will literally snatch food right out of the mouths of the older chickens and run like lightning to get back into the coop! Fun times. :) Who said living in the country is boring? lol.

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