Help, I'm being overtaken!

Scary looking vines? The light green vines on the ground of the picture on the bottom are sweet potato vines. One little plant has taken over that side of my yard. I liked the look of this vine when I saw it at the Dallas Arboretum last year. I had no idea that it would grow so much AND it's only July! There's no telling what it'll be like by September.

In with the sweet potato vine I have morning glories, calla lillies, sedum and even rosemary that I started this spring. Hard to believe with the sea of green.

Lantana, lantana, lantana... I LOVE this plant. It doesn't complain a bit that it's 100+ degrees and really dry. It just keeps on bloomin' and spreadin' just fine. The only thing it complains about is wet feet, but then I do too at times. :) A must for those who cringe over all of the watering you have to do in July here.

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