Freezing Berries

Blackberries have been coming in a little each day over the past week or so. Its not been enough to make jelly or a pie yet. An easy way to preserve berries is by a term called flash freezing.

By spreading the berries out in a single layer on a cookie sheet or baking pan and then freezing I can then transfer them to a freezer container until I have enough to make what I want. Flash freezing also keeps the berries from crushing each other and end up being a solid block of juice and berries. Since they are individually frozen the berries will pour out of the freezer container easily.

I personally like to save some of my jelly making and pie baking for cooler weather. Its just way too hot outside to heat up the kitchen right now. By flash freezing the harvest now, I can put off that job until both the weather and my schedule are more suitable for inside chores such as this.


  1. I love to flash freeze blueberries, easiest of all. Hope mine haven't all dried up on the bushes by the time we get home to E. Texas this weekend!

    **Katy M
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  2. This is exactly how my Mom taught me to freeze raspberries! Lovely photos....thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    Cheers from Ontario.

  3. @Katyroo - Well.. I guess you could use the other form of preserving fruit then: deydration. ;) I've bought dried blueberries at Costco to add to oatmeal and granola mixes. Delicious! But I do know how great it is to freeze them too.

    @Diane No problem.. I really enjoyed your blog. I miss frozen raspberries - they are so good!

  4. Those berries look fantastic! Fruit is really hard to come by here in Japan. It's not that it's not available, but that it's terribly expensive. Hence, we've got a blueberry bush on the balcony, and rhubarb and a few fledgling strawberries in the garden.

  5. I LOVE raspberries...especially black raspberries (we call them "black caps"). I began a website devoted ONLY and entirel to raspberries. I freeze a lot of them when in season, and enjoy them all winter long in smoothies, cakes, muffins, and in cookies and bars. Fresh I love them in a green leafy salad. Sooooo healthy and HIGH in antioxidants!

    We used to grow a half acres of raspberries for a fruit stand, so I have included information on growing raspberries too!

    Great blog by the way! I shall add it to my favourites!

  6. Thanks @Freezing Raspberries! I love raspberries. I will have to check out your blog. :)


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