Blogathon's Over and My Plans

Blogathon 2011 has been a wonderful experience and I'm thankful to have made it 31 days in a row blogging!! I really was intimidated at the start and thought maybe I bit off more than I could chew. What in the world would I write about daily for 31 days straight? That was just crazy talk as far as I was concerned. 

31 days later and here I am, finished and still with topics I want to blog about. I guess I should keep the ball rolling and keep going. I will however post daily Monday-Friday. I will only add a weekend blog post if something comes up for that day, like a trip to our 'Saturday Only Farmer's Market' that's opening this weekend. Gotta blog about that ya' know.

Other news is that I'm moving my blog over to Wordpress within the next week and I hope the transition goes smoothly. I will leave my Blogger account up and available until everything is complete. I will keep you updated on the changes as they occur. 

My URL will completely be after the change.
 (without the blogspot added) 

You can already use that URL to reach this blog, so you can go ahead and change it now and be fine. The blogathon just made me realize some changes that I wanted and needed to make with my blog.

Until then, here is a picture of a wasp that I think has bitten off more than it could chew, well maybe. I made it over my big hurdle also.

I usually see Mud Dauber Wasps paralyze and pack their mud nest with tiny spiders. They do this and then lay their young in there so they will have food before hatching out. Gross I know, but it does bring about a sense of balance in nature. This particular wasp pulled this giant spider at least 20 feet. The spider was paralyzed and I'm curious if this was just a "big haul" like we would do for a deer or elk. I will not complain so much about wasps anymore, they play their part in keeping things in check around here. No free lunches here.


  1. How cool that you got to see this. It is always cool to see nature in action. Give me a call if you need help.

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! I really appreciate all of your help. Its made a huge difference to me. --- Seeing nature in action always fascinates me. I'm outside a lot hoping to catch something interesting. I thought this one was pretty cool also.


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