Backyard Makeover

In case you haven't learned this about me, I am not a fan of mowing a lot of grass. Some yes, but if its a problem area I say its time for it to leave. This is the entrance into my backyard. Its narrow and is basically a pass through to the bigger part of our backyard. With some sweat and a strong back I now have an entrance into my backyard that I am pleased to walk through. No more dragging the weed eater and push mower through here.


This is from an angle looking from upper deck straight at the entrance


Looking from lower deck toward grill area

Looking back towards entrance
Its been fun creating a garden pathway. I've been dividing perennials and filling in around the path. I can't wait to see it as it matures. I love cottage gardening.


  1. Yay, Melissa! It's more spacious-looking and must provide a great entryway effect into the main backyard itself (where you let someone else do the mowing, I hope?). Less to water, too.

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  2. Thanks, Katy. I like my new space much better and I think it looks more spacious also. I still have to mow the main backyard right now. Oh well, I guess that means I need to start whittling more of down each year like here. :D I'll take flowers any day over grass.


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