Using Baskets As Planters

If you would like to add a tasteful looking planter to your patio this year, let me suggest using one of those baskets that you have way too many of hanging around. That's what I did. Its super easy and it didn't cost a thing really.

All you need to do is:

  • use a sturdy basket 
  • line it with 3-4 layers of newspaper, trimming the edges so they won't stick out around the rim
  • Fill with potting soil - I like to use the "moisture control" kind so it doesn't dry out so fast
  • Fill with the plants of your choice

Garage sales and thrift stores always have a plethora of baskets for the picking. Its not necessary to paint the basket or anything. This one came painted and didn't fit in my decor anymore. This same concept could be applied to other containers that soil may leak through. Using black and white newspaper or even coffee filters for smaller containers is all you need. Its a great way to recycle and save tons of money on expensive planters.

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