A Stroll Through My Garden

This time of year I really enjoy trips out to my gardens looking to see what has changed and what is newly in bloom. Its been raining like crazy over the past week and I've not gotten to take time for pictures. Here are a few of my new finds.

Orange Asiatic Lilies  - Lilium 'Massa'

I *think* this is a Variegated Fritillary (it wouldn't open its wings)
on my Star /Confederate Jasmine -Trachelospermum jasminoides
A free planter I got a few years ago. I added chicken wire and coconut lining to fill out the tiers. Planted are red  petunias and both variegated and pink vinca.
My first daylily bloom from two days ago. I am still searching for what cultivar. I got it at a plant swap. Do you know?

Good times....


  1. You had me with the orange lilies at the top of the page. Gorgeous!

  2. The picture doesn't do them justice. Its really been a treat growing them. Thanks.

  3. Gorgeous. I use pics of flowers as greeting cards. Just glue to nice card stock. People love them!

  4. I think having you as a guest blogger inspired me. I wrote about my garden today! http://www.veronicadelbianco.com/2011/05/24/my-favorite-place-to-write/

  5. @Veronica - Aww, I checked out your blog post and you are a natural for this. I love the bird houses. :) Have fun in your garden!


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