Plants Need Air Too

Rows are raised higher to avoid standing water

Do you know what one of the fastest ways to kill a plant? Drown it. Plants need air circulation around their roots... well at least most of them do. The problem is that plants that are over-watered exhibit a lot of the same symptoms as those who need water.
  • wilting
  • yellowing leaves starting at the base of the plant
  • eventual dead or discolored parts of plant that are dying

It could be other things going on, but check your water amount first. 

To help Environmental Issues you can:
  • Amending your soil - If you have poor draining clay soil -- helps create better air/water circulation for roots
  • Raise the soil level - add compost/soil as above or use raised beds
  • Choosing a better location - some areas are just prone to holding water. Moving the plant is just plain easier.

These are my favorite boots given to me by a dear friend. They keep my feet nice and dry as I sometimes have to wade through parts of my yard to get to my garden. A girl just has to be stylish while she works, ya' know.


  1. Oh Melissa, I'll be coming HERE a lot. I am attempting a garden this year (too much shade in years past) and I am very intrepid and not all that knowledgeable. Who would have thought a plant could drown! Thanks!!

  2. Stop by anytime. I would be happy to help answer some of your questions about gardening if you have any. Getting rid of some of your shade will help a ton if you want to grow vegetables and most flowers. Best wishes to your gardening adventures!


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