Ankle Deep in Freezing Water

Its been a record setting day all around for me. Check out the temps we've had:

This is Texas in May? No way... I must be back up north somewhere. I'm used to dragging myself in and out of the heat of the day by now gasping for cool indoor air. Today I had to dig out winter clothes I thought were long gone and packed away until at least October or November. I guess the joke is on me!

Its just been one of those surreal days. As I headed out into my own backyard this morning to assess any storm damage we may have gotten last night I looked across the yard and just stopped. Speechless.

Do you see the irony here? Hand watering one day and flooding the next.

Ankle deep water in what we like to call our "flood zone"

Here in North Texas, we are the land of the extremes. The "drought" word is always waiting to be pulled out from year to year and who knows? It may be dry-as-a-bone here come August. We just learn to adjust to the conditions as they come. That's what I will be talking more about on tomorrow's post.

Until then, I cannot utter a word to complain. You see, I can recover from this. But, my husband and I are from an area that is now begging for relief from the rising flood waters in Cairo, IL and surrounding cities. They've set records today too.... ones we thought would never come.

I-57 going into Cairo, IL from Missouri

I-57 bridge between Missouri and Illinois going into Cairo

We've driven this route more times than we can count. Home is just on the other side of this bridge. The route seems it will never be the same. Roads are flooded and destroyed on the other side due to the flooding of both the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The levee walls are being tested to the limit. We are now waiting to find out within the next few hours the fate of our dear hometown. They are working so hard around there to save their homes and cities.

So, I'm not complaining about the cold and the ankle deep water today. My heart is at home with all of my family and friends who are weary from the massive amount of sandbags they've had to fill and stack over these past few weeks and moving out of harms way. May God protect them all and keep them safe.


  1. I feel for you. Here in Binghamton, NY, we are under a flood watch. We suffered some flooding last year and suffered a major flood in 2006. Your temperatures sound more like ours on a "normal" May 3...we used to live in Wichita Falls so I have an idea of what a Texas May should be like.

  2. Thanks. The weather has been crazy this year everywhere. So many people are in trouble. I hope you are safe and well. :) Warm weather will be here soon.
    I have been to Wichita Falls before! That's a bit northeast of us. So you know our weather, lol


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