Garden Blogger's Bloom Day May 15th

As part of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day by May Dreams Gardens this is some of what is bloomin' in my yard today:

** strawberries (this is my first berry!)
** petunias (I know..everyone has them, but mine came back from last year and I'm SO happy, yippee!!)
**verbena on a stick
** indian hawthorne
**weeping rosemary
** ligustrum
**knock-out roses

I still have many of the same blooms from last Blogger's Bloom Day. I would've posted another picture of my Shasta daisies in bloom, but I think my Pomeranian, who loves certain blooms, has munched on them...not a pretty picture. I have a few Asiatic lillies and daylilies that will be bursting open any day now. I can't wait for the wonderful aroma of the Asiatic lilies! The fragrance is intoxicating.


  1. Thanks for posting a collage and a key, so seeing your blooms went quickly and I could move on to the Bee story, which I would have missed otherwise.

    Texas Gardening is where I get the best ideas for my hot, humid climate. If it grows in Texas, it grows here.

  2. Lots of interesting blooms here and much earlier than mine. I was trying to see where you are located--in Texas? Here in the Midwest, we are just starting to see some of the same flowers.

    Good luck with your bee venture--how exciting!

  3. Great color in your garden in May!
    I enjoyed your Bee post too!

  4. I love lantana, especially the color combination in your photo.


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