Our First Egg! Woohoo!

Well, we've done it! Out of our first batch of chicks we got this past summer, we have an egg! :)

We've been waiting patiently over the past few weeks wondering "who" was going to lay the first egg. As the girl's combs began to fill out and turn from pink to red, we knew that them laying time was getting closer. Our Penelope seems to be the most developed of all of them, so we think she's the lucky one.

The egg was surprisingly huge. We were expecting something really deformed and unusable, but lo and behold this one is larger than our store bought large eggs. (Ours is on the right)

I thought this would also be a great time to post the origami chicken that my son made for me a few weeks ago for my birthday. You know you've crossed over to being a chicken lover when your family starts to include things such as this for personal gifts. I was completely impressed at the time and effort he went to in researching and making this for me. I had to include the first egg with his creation. :)

Life is good... Now, how hard is it to eat this treasure we've been waiting on for months? Well, we may have to plan something special. :)


  1. Congrats for your first egg! I'm so glad. Perhaps you may keep the shell and try blowing its contents out through two narrow wholes from each side. That way you will have the shell forever.

    Congrats for the origami chicken too. Both are the results of labors of love.

  2. Wow, great minds think alike. :) We had talked about doing just that. I never thought it would be so tough to decide!

    Thanks on the origami chicken. My son has been interested in this off and on since he was 6 or 7. I think he just recently took this hobby back up and now realizes he can impress his friends with it. The last I heard he amazed them by folding a lobster out of his napkin while eating dinner with them. It gives him a way to build things which he loves to do and entertain with just a piece of paper. :)

  3. Congrats on your first egg! We had chickens years ago and are thinking of getting some again come spring. BI will get some ready to lay hens from a friend, as I don't like the "chick" stage. :-)


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