New Bunnies

The day I was finishing the hutches for Tarzan and Jane, our Californian rabbits, we got an unexpected offer from a sweet friend. They had recently raised a litter of rabbits and it was time for them to find a new home. Well, guess who's home there are now a part of? Yes, we've adopted 4 of the cutest white dwarf rabbits I've ever seen. :)

All of them are identical in color and all, making it hard to tell them apart. So, here are a couple of pictures of a few of them. I'll post more later.

They are so cuddly and soft! We can tell a difference already with their personalities between them. To see them sitting up on their hind legs looking around is adorable. I'll try to get some really good pictures to show.

Now it's back to rabbit hutch building once again. :) I wouldn't want anything but something really nice for them to live in and stay healthy.

With these new bunnies, our manure/vermicomposting endeavors should be well underway. We're up to about 6 pounds in red wigglers this month and hopefully by February, nearly double that. It should handle the waste processing and have plenty of finished worm castings for spring planting. I'm SO excited!


  1. Sounds like your worm bin is really productive. We just started ours a couple of months ago... we're hoping it will work as well as yours is!

  2. Hi...thank you for stopping by! I loved your blog and have been busy visiting all the links! Thank you! Gail

  3. I can hardly read what you have written, it shows in very low readability in my web browser. It is dark blue text on a brown background. Since you are not using a standard Blogger template, try to use "web safe" colors when customizing your blog color scheme.

  4. Oh!! Too cute!! Congrats on the latest addition! :)

  5. Thank you for your nice comments and happy birthday, I hope you´ve enyoyed it! As we say in our family: Everything is worth celebrating!

  6. I've always loved rabbits. My childhood piano teacher would let kids visit her rabbit hutches if they memorized their songs for the week. I was devastated when I learned they raised them for meat. Although I lived on a farm, we never had rabbits, so getting to see them was a treat.

  7. Hello, Came over to thank you for visiting my blog. Your name caught my attention right away as it is the name I use for my hotmail email account. The bunnies remind me of days when my children were young and we were homeschooling. I didn't have a veggie garden back then so my neighbor came over and scooped the poo for her garden. It won't be long and you will be amending your big expanse quite amply.
    I'll be back to see how things are going.

  8. So quite bunnies! Thanks for the message! Your blog look absolutely great! //Anna


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