My Newly Built Rabbit Hutches

I've been working feverishly over the past 3 days constructing new hutches for my rabbits. The ones we have now were bought from someone local. They've worked ok, but lacking a roof and easier access to the rabbits has been challenging. The access doors are on top and I have had to stand on something to reach down into the cage. It's easier said than done!

After much research on the web for a viable design, I settled on one I found on the Penn State Extension website. It had the most details on measurements and such and gave great options I liked.

Here's the link: Rabbit Hutch Plans

(It's in pdf format) I do wish they'd included a materials list with this, but with a little time and concentration, I made it. :)

I modified the center section of the hutches because I was a bit confused by the plans design and I'm not skilled in working with metal. The concept is great if you can build the feeder. We already had some feeders and I really wanted them located in an area that they would stay dry. Hopefully I can add some treat/hay feeders in this section too. I'm imagining a wooden box covered in metal flashing. The need to gnaw for rabbits is a huge deal, so I think the flashing would be easier to work with than outright metal construction.

Here is where I modified the center section. Trying to keep the food dry is an issue, so this will be a huge help.

Happy bunnies. :)


  1. Yeh, I love it how the net can offer such detailed designs at some times. I've once used SketchUp, an easy-to-use program from Google, to see how the specks of a composting bin I've read in some PDF would look like in 3D.

    Here is a link to the 3D composting bin. Here is a YouTube video of the composting bin.

  2. Wow, they look so cuddly and adorable. How I wish I had one; if only I had enough space. I'm sure they're fun to be with.


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