My Chickens

I never knew how much fun chickens could be! If I'd known this I'd gotten them years ago. :)

These pictures were taken about a week ago when the chicks were 5 weeks old. They have seemed to grown tremendously over the past week, so I'll have to add new ones soon. We have 7 all together now, 6 Production Reds (brown ones) and 1 Gold Wyandotte (the black one). They are hysterical to watch.

They love to play a game I would compare to football. Every time I drop something in their cage, one grabs it and runs with the rest chasing it trying to take it away. I threw a sucker stick in there and laughed so hard when they ran with it holding one end with the other raking against the side of the pen. It reminded me of a prisoner clacking a tin cup along the bars. Back and forth they'd go, one snatching the stick away from the other. For days they even began to hide the stick down in their bedding until I came out there to check on them. Then over to the corner one would go to scratch out where the stick was hiding and run with it.

Who needs television for entertainment with this bunch.

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