Smart Gardening

I love efficiency. With limited time and resources, smart planning helps to maximize what you can do and reduce waste. I study urban garden design because it forces people to be more creative with smaller spaces. When you  can make a space efficient and pleasing to the eye then in my opinion you've succeeded. These urban practices can be applied anywhere, whether you live in the city or in the country.

Patti Moreno from Garden Girl TV is one of my favorite designers of efficient gardening. She does a great job of presenting ideas that we all can apply somewhere in our own backyards or apartments. Today I'm sharing "Raised Beds In The City".

You can adapt her design ideas to meet your needs. I like the chicken houses she's built to fit perfectly on top of the beds. I've seen this done for rabbits also. Its practical design that I think can be carried out into the later years of life when strength and mobility start to become challenging.


  1. This year I failed to plan. My bad. But it has taught me a ton about what I can do better for next year! Thx for the video.

  2. You are welcome. Don't feel bad, Andrea. Each year I have to go back and evaluate what failed here and see if I can correct it the next. That's what I love about gardening... There is always hope for next year and a clean slate to start over.

  3. Wow, great information. We use raised beds but I never thought about covering them to induce more growth. This idea would be great for the chilly, wet Northwest. Thanks.


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