What Shall I Name My Garden Beds?

I recently came across an article on bed names and it got me wandering why I haven't named my beds anything special. Instead of always using the location to describe what bed I'm talking about, how about I name them? I'm working out a list and I hope my nameless gardens will have an identity instead of calling them things such as "The bed at the end of the house by the kids bedrooms" or "The bed on the inside of the side gate" ---so lame.

Here's news, according to a post at Dave's Garden I have tons of ways I can name each of them. Of the ones listed I think I do have a bed I need to call-  

  • Murphy Bed - The bed where everything goes wrong 
  • Truck Bed - A bed holding the outdoor grill surrounded with plants.
  • Queen Bed - A bed used to attract bees
I'm sure I could add a few more off of the list. They just make you happy thinking about them.

Others names I have came across are ---

  • The Red Bed -All things blooming are red
  • The Front Yard Garden - Self-explanatory.
  • Ploppers Garden - Where plants just seem to get "plopped" here or there without rhyme or reason.
  • The Garden of Indecision - Wow, have I got a few of those. I'm still undecided on what to plant there.
  • Animal Name Bed or Zoo Garden- All plants in it have an animal names like Tiger Lily, Bear's Breeches, Butterfly Bush and Monkey Grass
  • Rock Garden -Plants are named after songs
  • The Love Garden - Plants about love like Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, Bleeding Hearts, Love Lies Bleeding, Forget Me-Nots, and Honesty
  • The Secret Garden - Hidden in the back where no one would think to look
Now I could get fancy and give them all posh names to mark us having good-breeding and a prized estate somehow. That would be fun AND funny all at the same time. We could start taking tea in the afternoons near some of the garden beds if it suits us.

Do you have your garden beds named? -----I would love to hear them. Also, if you have ideas on some interesting garden names please post them. This will be such fun!!

By the way, tomorrow we may or may not serve tea out by the Garden of Indecision. I need to decide and get back with you one it. *grin*


  1. Fun exercise. Nowhere Land. That's the name I'd have to use, as my garden is nonexistent.

  2. "Nowhere Land" - I like that name. I a garden I think would qualify as "Nowhere Land".. thankfully we finally piped water out that way and it may finally get a fighting chance to survive. Now I know what to call it.

  3. If you have several beds, don't get so fancy with your names that you can't remember which is which. Some of mine are The Birdbath Bed -- not hard to remember unless you have more than one birdbath, but the second birdbath is a stone in the Herb Garden. The Upper Garden is a general area that has some long beds that don't really have names. The Fiesta Bed is the former Red Bed, which is not an easy trick to pull off, all red beds. The Yellow Bed is easier. And so it goes, name your beds the way you think of them so the name comes easily to you when you are tired.

  4. This is the perfect post for me to read today! I'm in the midst of a rewrite on a novel that involves a fair amount of gardening, and it hadn't even occurred to me to have each of the 13 garden beds carry its own name.

    So thanks for this! You've helped add a fun new dimension to my book. :)

  5. @NellJean - Good points. I have enough trouble keeping up with the names of my pets and kids. I may need to keep it really simple and obvious. Thanks!

  6. @Jennifer - I'm glad it helped you. I hope it makes your writing fun to do also. Good luck with your novel!

  7. Murphy Bed - lol that's my last name and the story of my life!
    I have the herb garden, the fruity spot, the front garden and the big foot monster garden. The latter being out back and taking up a sizable chunk of field.

  8. @Handful -lol, I love the Big Foot Monster garden. I've got one of those too. Its my husband's garden and he just keeps adding on to it.


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