Plant Swap Success

Bright and early this morning I headed outside to load my car with plants and supplies before heading out to the plant swap. It was unusually nippy outside this morning and I'm so glad I thought to grab a jacket before I left. It sure didn't feel like May in Texas, but maybe something nearer to the beginning of March.

Upon arriving, everyone was already beginning to unload and set-up. You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. Most everyone arrived 45 minutes before the swap is even suppose to begin so they could get a gander at the best items in the swap. Truth be known, the swapping starts early each year. Latecomers miss out for sure.

Once the madness of the swapping started and I went from booth to booth asking questions and taking a few plants here and there. Before I knew it I already had quite a bit hauled back to the car. The pace of the swap moved along pretty steady for about 30 minutes and then it was all but over. For those with plants left to give away, they practically beg you to just "take it all" because they don't want to go home with it. Its kind of good really need quite a few plants for your yard.

Plants I took home from this year's swap

Here is what I came home with today:

Crape Myrtles - 2-3' tall, pink
Garlic Chives
Lilies - orange and yellow
Irises - purple & rust
Obedient plant
Turk's Cap
Cayenne Pepper
Lemon Basil
Purple Basil
Ornamental Basil
Sea Oat Grass
Wandering Jew
Habenero Pepper
Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine
Oak Tree
Passion Flower
Cat Mint
Cactus - various
Globe Amaranth seeds
Dill Seeds
French Hollyhocks 

I've been planting like crazy. Its a good thing its cool outside and overcast. That's the best weather to do this kind of work. The plants aren't stressed as bad. I always try to get the plants in the ground that we bare root first. Then I will tackle the ones in pots and afterwards the seeds. What a great plant swap it has been!

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