The Most Beautiful Tree Frog

Every year we attract at least one American Green Tree Frog to our yard. They are amazingly beautiful and I like that they let you admire their beauty unlike a toad that is just plain jumpy.

This year we've had one that's lived on our front porch for the past month or so, maybe longer. Every day its liking playing, Where's Waldo looking for him. He likes the table, chairs, deck railing, door frame and window so far. I know its the same one because he has distinct markings on his back. (or maybe her back, hmm... I need to find out) We've decided to name him Chester no matter what though. Here are a few moments we've been able to capture his picture:

 From what I understand, they are popular pets because they don't require lighting for heat. They eat crickets, moths, flies, fireflies and other small invertebrates and some worms. I think he likes our porch because we have a porch light that is on a lot. I bet he eats pretty well here.

Here is another one of  our tree frogs from a couple of years ago. Its brighter green than Chester.

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