A Day of Deadheading

No, I've not been jamming out to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead. It would be interesting though. Too bad that the radio station wasn't running a Grateful Dead tribute while I was out deadheading in my yard. That would really be cool.

There are several really strange definitions for the term, so I'd better be more specific.

Deadheading  To encourage continued plant growth and beauty by removing spent flowers and seed pods. By removing the dried-up flowers, the plant can use its energy to produce more flowers instead of seeds.

Today I tackled my roses and penstemon.

Rose Bush Needing Deadheading
Penstemon Needing Deadheading

Bucket #1 of 2 Spent Flowers

Hopefully over the course of the next few weeks, I will see the new growth and flowering start again. That's what will make it worth the pink tinged sunburn I got today working on this. It was so nice outside I hated to go inside for breaks. Gardening is such great fun!

Here is a great guide for deadheading I found from Garden Gate magazine. I have subscribed to them for years and I love how much they help with flowers. This is a pdf file to download if you are interested. -- Deadheading Guide

Deadheading today and what tomorrow? I need to start on my garden enclosure, that's what.

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