Mudding in My New Wagon

Yippee, I got a brand new wagon and I'm really excited about it! After last week's muddy excursion of cleaning out the animal areas, I decided that it was time to give my back a break. We have been looking for something in our price range to haul mulch, brush, manure etc around. Pushing a wheelbarrow several trips across almost 2 acres sometimes makes me want to pass out when I go inside. Not that I dislike physical work, but if I can work smarter and not harder I will do it!

A couple of features we were looking for in particular were:

1) An interchangeable handle that could be pulled by hand or turned to attach to the back of our riding lawn mower. Have you seen the prices of the carts made for that? Wow! Some of them only have 2 wheels also.

2) We wanted one to have the ability to dump the contents easily. There is a lever on the front that pulls out and is fairly easy to lift it even when full. (I tried it out today with a full load of rabbit manure)

3) A solid shell just makes sense when trying to hall mulch and fine material. That is one feature about the other garden wagons I didn't like... metal mesh walls and floors.

4) Four large over-sized tires sure makes it easier to pull when you have so much mud to deal with now. My boots were sinking, but my wagon held its own on the way out to the vegetable garden.

We found this wagon at Lowe's.

See the mud we have now? And Spring hasn't even sprung!


  1. Handy, could do with one here i Ireland. Mud is the only soil we know:)

  2. I wish I could send you one. :) Mud has been a problem around here a lot lately. My Wellies get a good work out trudging through it.

    BTW, I do love Ireland, you have such a beautiful country!

  3. Now that's what I call a wagon! I live on an acre and also dislike hauling the wheelbarrow back and forth. The tilt feature is great for dumping mulch where you need it. Also, the wheels on this wagon look much more durable then the ones on my garden cart. Thanks for the great suggestion!!


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