Outside Projects in Summer, Inside Projects in Winter. Well....

It's been a MONTH since I've last posted, so sad. I'm in disbelief! Could things have just stopped around here? Well, that would be a huge understatement. Life is rolling along faster and faster than ever. This summer has been a feat of running from one project or commitment to the next. It seems like the summer whirled by without me really being aware of it. What happened?

I guess I should start with the weather. A typical summer here is hot and dry. The rain mostly stops by the middle to end of June and rarely falls again much until September sometime. Then factor in multiple days of 100 degree temps and you have the basics of what the expected conditions are. Everything green turns a shade of brown/green during this time if its not watered by someone. Well, that was what I expected for us again this year..lots of hand watering and pretty much non-existent mowing of our 2+ acres. Boy, was I fooled!

The grass this summer has kept growing at nearly the same rate as it did during the spring. Just keeping everything down to a level that was acceptable to our neighbors was challenging. We're still battling the lawn! I am seriously considering my option of fencing a huge part of the back of it for a horse or something. At least that would cut down on the amount to mow. I would love a miniature horse or two for pets and just think of the manure for my garden!

Remember the wise words of "Do inside projects in the winter and outside projects in the summer?" Don't get those mixed up like I have! I came up with the brilliant idea (about a month ago, hence the last time I posted) that I would finish off an inside project that I had stopped at the beginning of April...dry-walling the dining room. The thought occurred to me when rain was predicted for an entire week at the end of July. "Hmm, I thought. I would surely be able to finish this in a week while I'm trapped indoors anyway." Having said that, it didn't stop there. I have not only finished the dining room, but the hallway and the kitchen and dining room ceiling plaster. I'm now working on the third wall in the living room. It is one of those pitfalls I seem to get into. One project finishes and I then I think to myself how much I would like to see the next done. The next thing I know, I'm practically living in a construction zone.

Did you know that weeds continue to grow no matter if you are busy or not? Well with all of the rain and my 4 week construction project, mine are doing just that. I run out there and yank out as many as I can quickly and run back in promising to make another round. My landscaping has flourished this year because of all of the rain. Now if I can only enjoy it while waging war on the weeds.

Lesson learned: I can't do it all. (at least not at the same time)

Oh, and did I mention the New Orleans mission trip I went on this summer? Yes, that too was a week of much needed hard work serving the still devastated people of New Orleans. Helping to lead 50+ youth was challenging yet so amazing. I am so thankful I was allowed to be a part of this trip.


  1. Hi. I've enjoyed reading your blog. We also just got our dining room drywall up. It's taped and mudded (is that a word?) but I have yet to sand, prime and paint. Putting the garden to bed took longer than I thought it should. Then there's those new raised beds I need to put it. Weren't we just talking about doing inside stuff in the winter? Oh well.


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