Update on Honeybee CCD

I thought I would pass along this critical update that was recently posted on Garden Rant. It scares me to know how fast our bee numbers are declining. It's just another reason I wish more people would support this fragile system and start their own hives. Our food supply relies on it.


  1. And I would hope that more people would grow plants that nourish and/or have medicinal value FOR those honeybees and other important pollinators. We need them all: hived honeybees, native bees, insect pollinators, etc. Each have their strengths and we need all of those good strong bugs! :-D

  2. It is scary what is happening to our bees. We all need to be more aware.

  3. I have been talking to friends and a few have decided to add bees. It doesn't take too much to tend them and lots of folks are curious...just approach them!


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