Where Would You Recommend?

Calling All Garden Bloggers!

Since I am always totally blown away by your expertise in broadcasting garden information to the masses, I am calling on you for some much needed help.

Our local Master Gardening group (Hunt County Texas) is having their annual garden tour, where we feature 4+ gardens and provide educational opportunities to the public during that time. Our goal this year is to work on publicizing it better. The problem is this..we have a near zero budget. I'm betting there are places we can advertise that we're overlooking.

Is there a website, magazine, forum etc. that you would recommend for us to use? Help is truly appreciated.

Thanks a million!


  1. Maybe try...
    garden club member network
    blogging network
    member websites
    posting flyer at local nursery etc...
    garden events
    other garden clubs

    Our garden club has been trying to spread the word on our Garden Fest in these ways.

    Good luck!

  2. Some other ideas:
    • Use Facebook to create a "fan" page for the event and/or your club.

    • Pitch this idea to your local newspaper editor: in light of the downturn in the economy, people need to learn how to grow their own food. Over time, even a few folks in rural areas have lost the skills. Plus, their are new techniques, varieties to try out. This event will help people get reacquainted with DIY veggie gardening. (Give a few links to big name newspapers that have written on similar topics. DM me on Twitter and I'll help you find a few.)

    • Look beyond the obvious groups to target (i.e., existing gardeners). Consider inviting school and church groups with an eye to cultivating interest in gardening. Maybe a non-denominational "blessing of the harvest" or similar?

    • Host a pre-tour "Breakfast in the Garden". Serve homemade muffins. Invite media, religious officials, others.

    Have you read "The Tipping Point." It's a wonderful resource for understanding "who" can promote an idea. It comes down to tapping "personality types" more than picking the right outlet or person with a specific job title.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Dang. I see two type-o's. Sorry.

  4. Wow! Thank you SO much for all of your ideas! Amazing :) I will pass this along to my group.


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