Shoveling Manure

What does one do in Texas when it's an 80 degree day in January? Well, shovel manure of course! That is how we spent part of yesterday. I'm so very thankful, to say the least. What a trooper my DH is for suggesting we do it, even on his birthday. It will leave some funny stories for years to come on how he spent his special day.

This all started when a very sweet friend offered us a manure from her barn where she keeps cattle. It seemed like a such a wonderful gift that we just couldn't refuse. So we set a date. The amazing bonus that was also included in this was a tour of her wonderful home and collection of antiques. I especially enjoyed not only her knowledge of the history of these pieces, but many personal memories of pictures, toys and a glimpse into her life growing up. I could have stayed for hours.

Heading out to the barn with shovels and bags, her husband helped us load a few into the trunk of our car. (We really should consider getting a truck) It was then we headed back home to spread it our on the garden. We really could make many more trips to fill our garden area. Hopefully soon we can go back.

The manure we were able to get was definitely well aged, so we are ready for planting there. Yeah! Now come on rabbits, keep cranking out the poo!

If you are planning on picking up some manure the way we did, do your homework first. In some areas, hay fields are sprayed with an herbicide to "brown it out" so it can be harvested. The herbicide won't kill the animals, but passes through the digestive system whole and will be in the manure. What does that mean for you? Well, if you spread this out on your garden, the herbicide will kill your plants. It pays to ask where the hay was purchased from that feeds the horses or cows. Too costly of a mistake I'd say.


  1. Oh my goodness, shoveling manure huh? And loving it? You know you are a true gardener when you love this chore! hehe

    I'm sure your plants will love it come planting time.

  2. is funny how we gardener/farmers get about free poo!

  3. Yeah, its kind of sad, huh. This is something that may not be a socially acceptable conversation at a dinner party, lol. So I'll have to contain my excitement in most public places. Our eww!! factor these days is pretty high.

    But ya know what? I may have a few requests for my veggies come summer from my naysayers. Maybe that will be the time to bring it up, eh?:)

  4. Actually, I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday!


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