Marathon Week

Having Christmas, our wedding anniversary, sons birthday, New Years and my husband birthday in barely over a week definitely is a marathon for us. Tonight 6 teenage boys are coming over for a birthday party sleepover so food planning and entertainment are in the works.

The chickens are laying an average of 6 eggs per day now. Hurray! We just have a few more weeks when the other 4 should start laying. There goes our cholesterol level, lol.

The rabbits are doing well. I think they're lovin' the cool temps and are as cute as ever.

My indoor lettuce and spinach are up and growing. I can't wait to harvest some. :)

Last but definitely not least, the garden planning! I've been hard at work figuring out the details of next years veggie garden. I really want to make sure I plant plenty for us and a good deal extra for those who will be in need. Next year will probably be a lean year for a lot of people and I want to see if I can be of help.

I'll post my garden plan soon. I need to make the diagrams for it all first. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Gardening 4 Life, I just checked my blog and found a new follower. Thanks for signing on as I just did yours. Since I have been gone for almost a week I have much to catch up on but enjoyed viewing your blog. I will definitely be back.

  2. Hi G4L, Wow, your December sounds a lot like mine! My sons birthday was Dec. 20th, then came Christmas, and tomorrow, the 28th is my husband's & my 31st wedding anniversary:) It's always been a little crazy:/ New Years will follow, and then, hopefully we'll be off to a fresh start on 2009, with only GARDENING thoughts on our minds!! Happy holidays! Jan

  3. Good luck with your crops for next year. It's good to give to others as well. I for one can't wait to get started.

  4. Thanks. :) I have to say that the sleepover went well. I think the boys had a good time and I was able to keep the food flowing at an acceptable pace. Nothing broken or at least found broken so far. I did get some air soft bullet dents in my metal trash can lids that were used as shields. No bodily harm to the boys - "Thank you safety glasses!" Not too bad of damage I think.

    Now to curl up with my seed catalogs and graph paper... Bliss


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