State Fair Highlights

If you can't tell by the picture, this is a butterfly. It is definitely better to see this in person. I think this would be fun to try in my own garden, especially in the butterfly garden. Now all I need to learn how to do is build the frame!

No trip to the State Fair is complete without a visit to see the butter sculpture. It brings back so many memories of my childhood in 4-H. This year's theme throughout the fair was Egyptian, thus the Egyptian butter sculpture. King Tut's exhibition is now on tour in Dallas and has definitely added excitement to the area.

The visit to the Texas State Fair was wonderful. It was our very first time and we were definitely impressed. The grounds were beautifully landscaped. (of course that is where I noticed,lol) The animal petting zoo was the best we've seen anywhere. Foods were up to the standard we expected including all the things fried that you normally can't even imagine how they've done it.

Some of the food hits were fried oreos, cheesecake, snickers, twinkies, moon pies and banana split Chicken fried bacon was the new item added to the fair this year. It has been a big discussion on the local news. :) If it can possibly be fried, it was there, lol.

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