What's Bloomin'?

Moderate temperatures have brought back the feeling of near springtime growth here. The strange weather we've had this year had postponed much of the blooming and then the onset of 100 degree days in the summer made them come to a near halt. Plants grow better when temps are below 90 degrees. In fact, that is part of the reason lawns slow their growth in the peak of summer, not just because of less rain.

I really had given up on getting a show of blooms on my Morning Glories this year. Within the past 3 weeks all I can say is, "Wow"! I have several places where they are planted here, by choice or not, that are doing wonderfully now. The Sulphur butterflies are sure enjoying the added nectar it brings.

Zinnias, zinnias and more zinnias are blooming here. I'd saved the seeds from last years plants and planted them around our place. They are such a joy to have. I love to see how many bees, butterflies and hummingbirds stop to visit my zinnias.

My Floribunda hybrid tea rose is doing remarkably well this year too. It's bloomed nearly the whole season. I'm pretty shocked actually. Last year we had so much rain the poor things suffered with black spot and powdery mildew to the point I thought it would never recover. It's doing much better.

The Mexican Bush Sage is new to our garden this year. I have had high hopes on its performance ever since I laid eyes on it in our Master Gardener's educational garden. It was so hardy that when it was dug up, they took a chain saw to it to divide the root ball. We each took home pieces of it. Mine has done quite well and I like the fact the grasshoppers have actually left this alone. The beautiful purple flowers feel like velvet to touch. What fun!

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