Silly Birds

Can you see the eggs? They are in our driveway. Thankfully close to the side where we hopefully won't run over them with the cars. This is twice we've had this happen. Do you know what bird will do this? I do! It's the Killdeer.

They lay their eggs on the ground in an area that will best camouflage their eggs. Little do they know that it makes them look bad when they choose high traffic/deadly places to do this.

It really is hard to find the eggs in the gravel when looking for them. I can usually tell there is a nest nearby from the reaction of the parents. Killdeer defend their nests by trying to lure you away from the area where the nest is. By now I can hear the fast chirping and tell I'm their area. Follow that with quick bursts of running and the fake broken wing act.

Here is a video that best shows their act. Funny thing...the nest we have now is on the way out to our mailbox, so daily we get to see this. It won't be long until baby Killdeer are running around the yard and hiding in the ditch when we head out to check the mail. It makes for an interesting trip.


  1. What a funny bird! Well, it will be fun for you to watch...again! Happy gardening to you :)

  2. We have killdeer birds here too. One is in the garden and just goes insane anytime we walk down the drive!! She will be in for a rude awakening when it finally dries out! Mama Killdeer drives my dog insane. The babies are up and running pretty quick after hatching. The next 3 nights we have frost warnings and the heat is on!! Spring in Michigan, wet and cold right now.

  3. Sheesh...a killdeer has made a nest on the edge of the soccer field where the kids about a high traffic far so good but I am always so worried that they won't last! Crazy birds!


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